Our customers are companies in the Norwegian oil business, international car industry and traditional industry both locally and nationally.

Our clients include both small and large companies – with both small and large needs for services. Common to all is that they appreciate the focus UniMek AS has on delivery precision and quality.
  • IKM Subsea
  • ABB AS
  • Depro AS
  • Axnes Aviation AS
  • Archer
  • ABB Engineering Ltd
  • Rubberstyle
  • Malm Orstad as
  • BMS Kuhn Steel AS
  • Westcontrol
  • National Oilwell Norway AS
  • Aarbakke AS
  • Castolin Trio Oiltec Services
  • IKM Haaland
  • Sifab AS
  • Oceaneering


UniMek AS currently has 11 CNC machines. These machines are highly flexible and can start producing prototypes and new parts at short notice. We also have a CNC-controlled measuring machine that can measure geometric tolerances of specific details with high demands for form and locational tolerances.