UniMek AS is a leading provider of machining and fabrication.

CNC machines are used in the production.  The machine park is new and modern, consisting of five machining centers, four multi-operation machines, and two lathes.


img 2528
For measuring geometric tolerances and finer positional tolerances on parts. Working area: 2000 x 1000 x 1000 mm.


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We have a variety of different measuring equipment, from cut-outs from 2.5 mm and up to 1000 mm calipers.
Gagemaker API BX, R and RX: slots up to 609 mm.
mazak integrex e-500h
Gagemaker measuring instrument for measuring threads up to 609 mm OD and ID.
Acme, Stub Acme, metric and UN threads.


UniMek AS currently has 11 CNC machines. These machines are highly flexible and can start producing prototypes and new parts at short notice. We also have a CNC-controlled measuring machine that can measure geometric tolerances of specific details with high demands for form and locational tolerances.
UniMek AS is a leading provider of machining and fabrication services for offshore and land-based industry.


Visiting address:
Industrivegen 4, Håland 4344 Bryne

Postal address:
Postboks 183, 4349 Bryne
Telephone: 51 77 94 40